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Casino King Quiz – Are you a gambling genius?

Would you say you’re a gambling genius? Do you know more than the average player about probabilities, odds and the strategy you need to employ in order to leave the casino richer? Well, we have a quiz right here that’s designed to test your casino knowledge. It’s got some in-depth questions that go from the purely statistical to general trivia, all about your favourite casino games and the biggest cities that have casino games in the offering.

Some of these games may be a surprise if you’re a traditionalist, it’s usually expected that slots, blackjack and maybe roulette are the biggest earners in the casino, but in at least one city there’s a different king. Baccarat is the undisputed king of Asian casinos with some players betting hundreds of thousands on a single hand, the highest of high rollers all willing to bet huge sums on a single hand. Baccarat is also the game of choice of super spy James Bond in Ian Fleming’s novels. He preferred a variation called Chemin de fer over the Punto Banco game played in most casinos, though one of the actors who played James Bond had a different favourite game.

Sean Connery was a big fan of roulette and infamously once bet on 17 five times in a row. He lost the first two spins but then won the third, fourth and fifth spins in a row. What are the odds of someone doing that? Well, that’s one of the questions!

Even if you know a good amount about roulette, how much do you know about slots? How many of the games on https://casino.betfair.com/c/slots have you already played? Can you tell a Playtech game just from having a quick look? If you think you’re a true casino mastermind and can answer any of these questions easily, then prove it by having a look at this quiz below!