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The Best Blackjack Betting System

It is one way of beating the casinos in a game of blackjack, but casinos do not like it, and so I will stay away from the topic.

There are many Blackjack Betting systems and I will talk about them so that you can judge which the best of them is.

Martingale System

In this system, you keep on doubling your bet after every loss. This is the oldest trick and one of the most popular betting systems. If you have a large bankroll, you can rest assured that you will not lose your money. Eventually the losses are covered when you finally win the Blackjack. But casinos sense this and place a limit so that you cannot go on doubling your bet.

LaBouchere System

This system of betting is based on negative progression and is a little difficult to understand. In this system, you have to write down numbers in a progression keeping in mind that they are not big numbers such as 1, 2, and 4,5,7,9 and so on. You can start betting with your series. Just add the first and the last number and place a bet. If you win, cut these two numbers and place a bet with the next set of numbers. Your goal is to keep on winning. If you lose, place the numbers at the last of the series to be used later. There is no guarantee of winning when using LaBouchere system of betting and it could or could not work for you. Having several losses I the beginning sends this system for a toss.

Parlay System

To cash in on your winning streak, you must use the Parlay System. You need to take out some of your profit from the win and place it on your next wager. This amount is all your choice, so if you win $20, you can put aside $5 for your next bet. If you lose, you can go back to the original level of betting. This system is good for the players as when they lose, they can revert back to the safe levels.

Flat Betting

This is the easiest of all the blackjack betting systems. You have to keep making the bet with the same amount no matter whether you win or lose. You can compare the results of all the systems and choose one that works well for you.